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On a bike to Amsterdam – part #2

After a good day of rest in Hamburg it was time to mount the bike again. The goal of this rather cloudy Sunday was Hannover, close to 200 km South of the Hanseatic city at the Elbe river. And the Elbe was my first waypoint.

The old Elbtunnel. Photo: Jesper Pørksen

There are several ways of crossing the Elbe. I chose going under it via the old St. Pauli Elbtunnel. Build in 1911 and with a length of 426.5 meters it connects the city with the extensive harbour area on the other side. Cars are allowed at certain times, but on Sundays it is only accessible on foot or on a bike. It was cool and quiet. Two lifts made going down and up effortless. Continue reading On a bike to Amsterdam – part #2

On a bike to Amsterdam – part #1

A while ago I had a German friend in Amsterdam, who invited me to visit him and his family. It fitted well into my work travelling plans because I already had a project meeting in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the work calendar didn’t fit with the calendar of Chris and his family.
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